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Terhathum Surgical Eye Camp

(30.10.2009 - 01.11.2009)

In close cooperation with Nepal Red Cross Society , Seva Foundation Nepal and other local NGOs as sponsors a team of Biratnagar Eye Hospital recently conducted this surgical eye camp. The area had not been attended by any ophthalmic surgical outreach since more than 2 year.

Though roads were partially blocked and the district as well affected by heavy Banda we attracted over 560 patients for screening. Amongst those 54 received cataract surgery, some additional 13 minor procedures were carried out. One young man with bilateral diabetic cataracts was referred to BEH for special management, a few other patients with various oculoplastic and retinal problems sent to BPKIHS Dharan and BEH.

The journey to Terhathum remains a challenging and strenuous one as the roads are in poor condition especially past Basantapur.

BEH is planning regular visits to Terhathum on a yearly basis.

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