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    Sagarmatha Choudhary Eye
    Hospital (SCEH), Lahan

Services to reach Nepali patients in the community. These activities are advertised through public local media. They are performed by special teams in co-operation with local organizations.

School Screening camps

Outreach teams visit schools in Sagarmatha Zone on a regular basis and refer children found with refractive errors or problems equiring treatment to SCEH.

Paediatric Screening Camps

Outreach teams visit villages in Sagarmatha Zone regularly to examine pre-school children and children not enrolled in schools. Children found with refractive errors or problems requiring treatment are referred to SCEH.

Cataract Screening Camps

Outreach teams visit villages in Sagarmatha Zone on a regular basis to perform cataract screening. People found with cataract or other operable diseases are taken to SCEH for surgery free of cost.

Patients requiring special examination and treatment are referred to SCEH.

Surgical Camps

Cataract surgical camps are performed in the hill areas in co-operation with local organizations and local hospitals to reach those patients who are not able to come to the eye hospital.

Mobile Bus Clinic

Sagarmatha Choudhary Eye Hospital, Lahan has started a mobile eye clinic in a bus provided by Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh. The Mobile eye clinic is equipped with slit lamp, edging machine for optical dispensing and has pharmacy service. The mobile eye clinic services are being provided in three places of Siraha (Sukhipur), Saptari (Topa) & Udaypur(Beltar) districts.

Diabetic Retinopthy Screening Camp

SCEH apart from daily OPD activity regularly organizes diabetic retinopathy screening camps in mass as people with diabetic retinopathy have 25 times more chances of becoming blind. In these screening camps highly trained staff with latest equipments screen general public and gives advice and treatment to needed one and thus helps people to save their sight.

Community Based Training

  • FCHV Training
  • Mother Group Training
  • Drug Retailor Training
  • Traditional Healer Training
  • School Teacher Training

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