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41 years of excellence in eye care
13,793,792 Outpatients; 2,227,448 surgeries

Surgical Videos

Detailed Instruction Course on the Fishhook Technique, including the management of difficult situations. (49 minutes)

Fishhook Technique (5:05 minutes)

High Volume Phaco Surgery with PMMA IOL (4:52 minutes)

High Volume Phaco Surgery with foldable IOL (3:24 minutes)

Cataract Surgery in Children (3:53 minutes)

The film shows the cataract surgery on the second eye of a 2-year old boy under general anaesthesia. The first eye was operated one year ago.

Paediatric Cataract Surgery in Lahan, Nepal (10:40 minutes)

This video won the First prize in a video competition during the 22nd International Congress of German Ophthalmic Surgeons (DOC), in June 2009.

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